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Longse to carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC Date: 2017-10-24

Security industry to on the way protect the “new era”
China's security industry, it, in the fight against crime, security, social management, livelihood services and other aspects of the role, is also increasingly important. Prior to the convention, provincial security committee in accordance with Work Safety Commission of the State Council would scrutinize the cities and towns for security, improve the monitoring facilities, make sure the safety and stability, in order to guarantee the successful 19th Congress of CPC, and sever the “new era”.

Longse conforms to the political guidelines of the Congress, to light up the future of the society.
Leading the people to create a better life, is the party's unswerving goal. Longse, conformed to the political guideline,“The improvement of guaranteeing and people’s livelihood level”, of the Congress, offers efforts. Longse, provides safe, comfortable services for people’s life. During the scope of application, it includes residence, school, hospital, shopping mall, public square, and recreation venues etc.; meanwhile, the development of the mobile app of longse enables users to check the situation in real-time through phone, tablet, and PC whenever and wherever possible, ensuring the properties and the safety of families in an all around way.

The past five-year works and history, to face the future of security industry
The five-year achievement of Longse is a breakthrough; the five-year change of Longse is groundbreaking. It has passed the ISO9001:2008 certification in 2011; it has expanded its floor area to 50,000 sqm since relocation in 2012; it has become the biggest CCTV supplier and the biggest buyer of Sony for IC in Southern China in 2013; it made an acquisition with ACESEE in 2014; It has passed the evaluation made by Provincial Engineering Research Center in 2015; and it has won the title of “GUANGDONG PROVINCE TOP 100 MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISES” in 2016.
Longse steps forward and constantly transcends, to face the future!

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