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Longse Invitation To IFSEC 2017 In UK Date: 2017-05-31

Longse Invitation To IFSEC 2017 In UK






As the Europe's largest security exhibition, IFSEC has become to be the must attend one, attracting more than 750 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors every year.

作为欧洲最大的安防展会, IFSEC已经成为最不能缺席的展会。每年吸引来自世界各地的超过750名参展商,和超过25000名参展者。


This year, Longse will continue to attend this show, bringing more new products and showing our latest technology. Now we, Longse is inviting you to attend the show and visit us for developing new business or building closer partnership with us. Please kindly follow the time table as below and make appointment with us.

今年,长视将继续参加这次展会,带来更多的新产品和展示最新的技术。 现长视邀请您来参加这次展会,来我们摊位,促成新的伙伴关系,建立更加亲密的合作关系。以下为展会时间表,请知悉,长视期待您的光临。



June 20th


June 21th


June 22nd










E-Ticket  Link(电子票入口):

Longse Booth No.(长视摊位号): D350, 20th-22nd June


The highlights of the show(展会聚焦):


VR Fisheye Camera 9MP/4MP/2MP (VR鱼眼网络摄像机900万/400万/200万)


4K & H.265 IP Camera (4K&H.265 网络摄像机)


4MP/2MP  Wifi IPC (400万/200万无线WIFI网络摄像机)


Starlight Full Color HD Camera, Color Image in Darkness (星光级全彩高清摄像机,全彩夜视)


3MP/4MP/5MP HD Camera  (300万/400万/500万 高清摄像机)


5X Motor Zoom Auto Focus  (5倍马达变焦自动聚焦)


Wifi kits & PLC kits in 1MP - 4MP (无线WIFI套装& 电力猫套装100万-400万)


Multifunction IP Camera with SD Card Slot, Audio, Alarm, POE

(多功能网络摄像机,带SD卡槽, 音频, 报警, 网络供电)


New 8ch 1080P 5 IN 1 XVR? 9ch/36ch H.265 NVR

(全新8路1080P五合一混合型录像机, 9路/36路 H.265录像机)


PTZ Bullet and 3 in 1 PTZ Cameras



Showing super powerful management software”VMS” centralizing all of your devices, OCX and P2P





Following the path in the map to find us(这样可以找到我们):  D350




Wechat ID (微信): LongseTech

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